About us

Insightful is a market-leading platform for employee productivity and workforce analytics. We process really big data, synthesize it into actionable insights and ultimately provide a best-in-class/easy-to use product which empower enterprise customers to improve employee productivity, business processes and overall staff well-being.

Job Description

As an Engineering manager, you will improve, optimize, and support the business processes, along with team performance, development, and motivation. The right candidate is both hands on (possesses technical excellence), and exhibits strong leadership and people development skills.

We count on you to be an output multiplier: a person that is unblocking teammates when needed, and coaching them about unique ways on how to approach any task or project in a better way.


  • Regular bi-weekly 1-1 meeting with team members
  • Sets individual Objectives aligned with the overall team strategy and their regular tracking
  • Provides clear feedback to team members on a regular basis (at least once in a quarter)
  • Provides guidance and coaching to team members on technical contributions, architecture, and other areas. Points to things that a less senior engineer might have overlooked
  • Conducts interviews for job candidates, and train the team members to do technical interviews
  • Creates and maintains the onboarding plan for new hires
  • Contributes to the sense of psychological safety for their team
  • Actively tries to protect the team from disturbance, disruption, or outside interference
  • Provides advice and assistance to team members on technical or non-technical difficulties that arise in the course of doing their work
  • Organizes team members so there is always enough resources to cover business continuity (planning and alignment of holidays and other absences)
  • Creates educational needs at the beginning of each quarter
  • Reports to Director of Engineering on performance, progress and training needs of team members and on behavior problems
  • Hands-on coding up to 50% of the time


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • At least 5 years of development experience in one of the following languages / frameworks: NodeJS, C++, Angular, TypeScript
  • At least 2 years on a managerial role
  • Strong communication skills

Experience with the following will be considered a big plus:

  • Agile/Scrum
  • GCP