About us

Insightful.io is a workforce analytics solution dedicated to helping companies navigate the challenges of the modern workplace. Our innovative platform empowers organizations to enable hybrid work without sacrificing transparency or performance. With a keen focus on capacity planning, analysis of focus time, and collaboration time, we provide unparalleled insights into how employees work both at home and in the office.

Our solution is designed to cater to the unique needs of various teams, including support, administration, finance, and claims processing. By delivering sophisticated, data-driven reports, Insightful.io enables companies to optimize productivity, streamline operations, and drive business success in today's dynamic work environment.

Job Description

As Head of Product, you drive the product vision, formulate the product strategy, evolve our product team and oversee all product delivery efforts. The spectrum of your tasks ranges from innovative product innovations to optimizing the efficiency of existing products.


Product Strategy

  • Develop and refine the product strategy, and long-term road map.
  • Conduct regular market research and user feedback sessions to ensure products meet user needs and align with business goals.
  • Collaborate closely and be the bridge between engineering, marketing, success, and sales teams to ensure alignment.
  • Establish, monitor, and analyze product usage metrics to ensure continual improvement.


  • Identify skill gaps, provide training opportunities, and support the professional growth of the team composed from product owners and UI/UX designers.
  • Lead the recruitment and selection of new team members and ensure a smooth onboarding process to integrate them effectively.
  • Establish clear, measurable objectives for the team, aligned with company goals.
  • Conduct regular performance evaluations, providing constructive feedback and setting clear expectations for growth and development.


  • Evaluate, define, and refine product processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Oversee the product department's budget, ensuring resources are utilized optimally and financial targets are met.
  • Establish and maintain a robust feedback loop with customers and internal teams to inform product improvements.
  • Regularly sync with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to ensure alignment on product deliverables and timelines.


  • 8-10 years of combined experience (education and professionally) working in product management
  • 3-5 years of experience coaching, recruiting, hiring, and growing a healthy product team
  • Experience and proficiency with big data, modern languages, frameworks, and cloud infrastructure
  • Expert in the design and development of complex systems
  • UI/UX Design, Analytics, user research
  • Data visualization

What We Offer:

  • Base salary in range $165,000 - $195,000
  • We provide a range of benefits to maintain good health, wellness and financial security
  • Generous vacation and PTO policies
  • Opportunities for professional growth and career advancement within the organization
  • A collaborative and supportive work environment, where your contributions will be recognized and rewarded
  • Hybrid work, prioritizing remote work