About us

Hi there! We are Workpuls, a team devoted to developing the best software in our field. A software which focuses on productivity, time analysis, and business process optimization with the goal of helping people boost their productivity and focus.

Our product is used by more than 1000 companies and we're set on helping businesses of all sizes improve their efficiency regardless of their working environment.

Job Description

As C++ Developer, your main focus will be the most sophisticated component of our infrastructure - the agent. It’s running across tens of thousands of devices collecting information we need, therefore it needs to have excellent performance and stability.


  • Develop low level(OS) API communication
  • Keep up to date with OS changes
  • Analyze and optimize performance
  • Create diagnostic and debugging procedures
  • Collaborate with development and product stakeholders


  • 3+ years of working experience with C++
  • BSc/MSc in Engineering, Computer Science
  • Extensive experience with OS level API
    • Windows or
    • Mac and Linux

Nice to have:

  • Experience with .net framework
  • Linux os knowledge
  • Experience with node.js and node.js native addons